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In this era of industrialization, technological revolution is fast shrinking the need of humans to assist machinery. Sorting of the products in the industry is very difficult task and continuous manual sorting creates issues. It is very desirable to create a machine that identify the objects and relocate them if the object meets certain criteria. In order to hold out the promise of timely delivery of product, high tech automated production is essential. The concept of automation is so versatile that it can bring radical development in almost every field. Keeping view of present requirements, this proposes a filling management system for industries which is a complete application of automation. The notable thing about this project is its high degree of flexibility. A prototype of Mixturing material system, controlled using Arduino is proposed. This system provides the provision of mixing as per standard quantity of materials in any proportion. Also it warns the operator in the event of any fault. The purpose of this project is to develop an automatic Mixturing plant. Arduino is used as the controller to control the automatic operation of this machine. Arduino is selected as the controller because it is easier to learn and the compact size makes it easier to attach it with the system.

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