Project Description:

 India is a major producer of the sugarcane in the world and during 2009-10 it produced 18.9 million tons of sugarcane,which was nearly 11.8% of the total sugar production of the world. we developed the new machine which cuts the sugarcane and feeds into furrows as well as feeding fertilizer and spraying pesticide is done automatically. We use the rotary cutter which cuts the sugarcane in uniform length and fed into the furrow due to gravitational force automatically. so piece of sugarcane is distributed uniformly in the furrow so density of the sugarcane production is uniform.

Thought Process:

Design and development of sugarcane cultivation machine gives effective work and reduces the human efforts in large amount, for checking the design ergonomically we drawn this project by using modelling software like CATIA. we used different components like bevel gear, gear box  will reduces labor cost ,human efforts and increase the yield,

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Design and development of Sugarcane cultivation machine

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