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Power is the basic necessity for the economic development of a country. The power should be handled in an efficient manner to meet the power requirement. This project presents the effective usage of star – delta starter in a power saving way in particular applications. Delta star Converter Module is the system to be interfaced with the existing Star Delta starter. When the load on the motor is less than 50% of full load, it switches the motor to operate in STAR to SAVE ENERGY. When the load increases beyond 50%, it automatically switches the motor to operate in DELTA without disturbing the working of motor. This module is recommended for applications where load changes are not too fast. This is suitable for any capacity motor by using appropriate Current Transformer and calibrating the same.  
By implementing this project we can achieve,

  1.   Energy saving. ·        
  2.   Reduction in KVA demand at constant power input. ·   
  3.   Improvement in power factor. ·         
  4. Contributing to the reduction in maximum demand on power system.  
In industries, more than 80% of the motors are AC induction motors. An  induction motor used can be single phase, poly-phase(3-phase), brushed or brushless. Since in industries  70% of the AC motor are three phase induction motor so, we have to concentrate on energy saving in this area. Here, in this project a proposal for energy saving in 3-phase induction motors is put forth.

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Energy Conservation By Using Automatic Star-Delta-Star Starter For 3 Phase Induction Motor

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