Project Description:

Power system consists of generation, transmission and distribution of electric power. While transmitting the power various problems take place in distribution system like poor power factor, voltage fluctuation, high losses etc. Distribution sector considered as the weakest link in the entire power sector. There is a growing demand of energy for agricultural usage requirement in India but agricultural power is unreliable as frequent power cuts and fluctuation of voltages occurs that results to burnouts of motor winding and reduction in losses can be achieved by installing capacitors at pumps. 

Thought Process:

Various solutions for mitigating these problems can be classified as High- cost, medium-cost, Low-cost. High cost includes automatic power factor correction with distribution transformer capacitor banks, while low cost includes use of capacitor at motor level. In our project, we studied the existing rural distribution system and observed the performance of various parameters of agricultural pump sets & distribution transformer like voltage, power factor etc. we have selected seven different distribution transformers of 11KV/440V  for analysis and capacitor installation. We checked the technical data of pumps and distribution transformers before and after capacitor installation. We observed attitude & awareness towards capacitor installation. We compared the hardware & software results.

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