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This system is very simple. And the working of this system is very simple as well. In this system PIR sensor used for sensing and then arduino used for controlling and then A GSM module which is used for calling purpose. When anybody comes in range of PIR sensor, then sensor sends a logic signal to Arduino then Arduino take control and perform a given task. Hare a calling task is given to Arduino. Then arduino sends signals to GSM module for make a voice call.

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In today’s age of digital technology and intelligent systems, home automation has become one of the fastest developing application-based technologies in the world. The idea of comfortable living in home has since changed for the past decade as digital, vision and wireless technologies are integrated into it. Intelligent homes, in simple terms, can be described as homes that are fully automated in terms of carrying out a predetermined task, providing feedback to the users, and responding accordingly to situations. In other words, it simply allows many aspects of the home system such as temperature and lighting control, network and communications, entertainment system, emergency response and security monitoring systems to be automated and controlled, both near and at a distance .Automated security systems play an important role of providing an extra layer of security through user authentication to prevent break-ins at entry points and also to track illegal intrusions or unsolicited activities within the vicinity of the home (indoors and outdoors). There has been much research done in the design of various types of automated security systems. Sensor-based systems that rely on contact or movement sensors or contact-based systems such as fingerprint and palm print scan or keypad activation that require substantial amount of contact with an input device. Many security systems are based on only a single system. In an event of system failure or intrusion of the user authentication, there is no backup system to monitor the home continually. This shortcoming can be dealt with using multiple security systems (or multi-layered security systems). However, multi-system implementations will definitely be more demanding in terms of computational cost and organization.

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