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With The Increase Of Population Of A Country, Proper Management Of Cumulative Of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Becomes More Acute For Maintaining Green Environment. In Conventional Approach A Number Of Trucks Collect The Municipal Solid Waste And Then Transport And Transfer This Municipal Solid Waste In A Pre-Specified Location, But All The Above Jobs Are Not Properly Monitored. In Our City Many Times We See That The Garbage Bins Or Dustbins Placed At Public Places Are Overflowing. It Creates Unhygienic Conditions For People. Also It Creates Ugliness To That Place. At The Same Time Bad Smell Is Also Spread To Avoid All Such Situations We Are Going To Implement A Project Called Garbage Collection Bin Overflow Indicator Using GSM Technology. In This Project The IR Sensors Are Used To Indicate The Bin Or Dustbin Is Full Or Overflowing. Infra-Red Sensors Work By Using A Specific IR Sensor To Detect A Select IR Wavelength In The Infra-Red (IR) Spectrum. When An Object Is Close To The Sensor, The IR From The LED Bounces Off The Object And Into The IR Sensor.

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