Project Description:

IOT technology has diverse applications for connecting devices and making smart decision that have societal applications. Implementing drip irrigation through IOT technology has a wide potential to improve the way farms are currently irrigated. Making use of open hardware system for implementing smart drip irrigation enables changes in the system easily if needed. Generally most of the irrigation systems are manually operated one. These traditional techniques are being is replaced with semi- automated and automated techniques suggested an automated concept of irrigation to use the water efficiently and effectively Drip Irrigation system is implemented based on the soil humidity.
This system ON/OFF the motor according to the moisture level in the soil using IOT.

Thought Process:

Arduino is the heart of the system. It requires 5 volts power supply from the USB connection or other regulated power source. Soil moisture sensor is connected to Arduino . Soil moisture sensor gives a resistance variation at the output. That single is applied to the comparator and signal conditioning circuit. The signal conditioning circuit has potentiometer to decide the moisture level above which the output of comparator goes high. That digital signal is given to the Arduino board. If the soil moisture value is above the Threshold level then the motor will be OFF, whereas if the moisture level is low motor will be ON through the relay.

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IOT Based Drip Control System For Specific Crop

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