Project Description:

Wecan see a person standing in front of our house from electricity board, whoseduty is to read the energy meter and handover the bills to the owner of thathouse every month. This is nothing but meter reading. According to that readingwe have to pay the bills. The main drawback of this system is that person hasto go area by area and he has to read the meter of every house and handover thebills. Many times errors like extra bill amount or notification from electricboard even though the bills are paid are common errors.  To overcome this drawback we have come upwith an idea which will eliminate the third party between the consumer andservice provider, even the errors will be overcome.With the continuousreform and innovation of science and technology, as well as the implementationof the comprehensive construction of smart grid strategic objectives, so thatthe development of the power industry has been a qualitative leap.   In this project the idea of smart energymeter using IOT and arduino have been introduced. In this method we are usingarduino because it is energy efficient i.e. it consume less power, it isfastest and has two UARTS. In this project, energy meters which is alreadyinstalled at our houses are not replaced, but a small modification on thealready installed meters can change the existing meters into smart meters. Heredata is stored in arduino and transmitted using IOT technology.

Thought Process:

To avoid drawbacks of existing method this project idea comes. BasWorking ically of this project is divided into three parts i.e. measuring energy unit consumption, IoT based information collection and removal of power supply for not paying bill.

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