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Pomegranate consumption is dispersing all over world and slow to take off, as western consumer considers it exotic and difficult to eat. The medicinal properties like extremely rich source of anti-oxidants, vitamin C& A & vital fatty acids, ability to fight against cancer, diabetes and bad cholesterol. This motivates us to do this project. Our objective is to procure extract and sell the pomegranate arils in domestic and international market with negligible damage and profitably and to provide hygienic and nutritive arils in convenient packages. We are combining latest mechanical concepts, applied to extract the arils without human interventions and increasing the extraction rate. We are combining artificial intelligence with mechanical engineering to give an agriculture product. This project will be a value addition to the pomegranate arils extraction concept and highly useful in various applications. We will trying to complete this project as possible with optimum cost. Since there is no domestic appliances for extracting the pomegranate arils and to overcome this difficulty and to make arils free from unhygienic things, this project is been made. Until now there is no small scale aril extractor

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