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Smart Elevator Control system is important for numberof reasons; one of those reasons includes providing Smart and simple Elevatorsystem for common people as well as Industrial Application. The aim of thisproject is to design a Smart elevator system that provides efficient way to thepeople.
Nowadays, the application of PLC is widely knownand use in this digital world PLC’s application is obviously applied at theindustrial sector. Normally, the PLC’s that have been used at the industrialfield is usually to control a mechanical movement either of the machine orheavy machine in order to create an efficient production and accurate signalprocessing.
The main objective of this Project is to replacethe traditional elevator system with the modern PLC based Smart Elevator system.The proposed work is visualized and demonstrated by Codesys v2.3 and RS Logixmicro starter lite.
The system sequence of operation is designed byladder diagram and the programming of this project by using totally integratedautomation portal software Codesys v2.3 and RS Logix micro starter lite.  Several electronics and electric devices thatusually been controlled by the PLC are DC motor, sensor, Gears, push buttons,relays and other devices.
Smart Elevator Control System using PLC canbring a revolution in Industrial as well as commercial sector. Introducing thissystem can help in day to day life.
Existing element management systems are bulky,very costly, difficult to maintain. This project is design by using PLC wherethe temperature, humidity and illumination conditions are analysed

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Codesys v2.3,Allen Bradley PLC Micrologix 1400,RSlogix micro starter lite,RSlinx classic.

PLC Based Smart Elevator Control System

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