Project Description:

In this project we creating robotic arm using servo motors, lightweight aluminum material for arm and open source micro controller arduino board for controlling servo motors according to program which designed for specific operation. By using lead through programing method it get easy for user to program the robot for specific task. For this project we are using various simulating software and design software for designing robotic arm. As we know the industrial robot are very costly so our main focus on to reduce its cost of robotic arm so it can available for everyone.
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Thought Process:

 1)      Literature review  

             i.            Study of different type of robotic arm
            ii.            Study of different type of actuators (DC Motor) and its control  
           iii.            Study of robotic arm design   
           iv.            Study the programming of robotic arm  
 2)      Design and modeling of robotic arm   
 3)      Fabrication and assembly of robotic arm    
 4)      Analysis of the part     
 5)      Testing of robotic arm    
 6)      Report presentation and documentation       

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