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Home automation solution includes safety and security, energy savings, money savings, convenience and control. It improves the daily life of seniors and disabled by offering voice control and safety items. Home automation is an integral part of modern lives that help to control the home electrical devices as well as other aspects of the digital home. This project reveals the concept about to control home appliances automatically to ensure energy conservation and to reduce human efforts. Working of electrical appliances with inefficient and unwanted use can leads to the high electricity consumption. This project gives the brief to overcome this problem by automation with the help of PLC as it has a great application. In this project the whole premises is monitored and controlled by a PLC, which will keep the record of the number of persons in every room and when it finds the no of persons in a room, it automatically cut-off the power from that room. As the functioning of the Appliances is integrated with the working of PLC, the project proves to be accurate, reliable and more efficient performance than the existing controllers. It combines both electrical and electronic section where the software used is Ladder Logic language programming.  

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Smart home automation by using plc

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