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Project Description:

Solar energy is a type of non - conventional energy which is available in abundant quantity all over the world. As we know the conventional energy sources are on the verge of vanishing in coming few years so we have to be ready with a tool for this problem. This tool can be solar energy. So we decided to do a project on the solar operated enegry. 
The main aim of this project is to provide a better floor cleaning machine which will be operated on solar as well as ac supply also.  currently we are working on this project and definitely this project will help us to motivate for use of non conventional energy sources.  

Thought Process:

In this project we are going to attach some attachment for cleaning purpose.   We are going to provide sea ting arrangement for an operator for his comfort.there is some dry and wet cleaning components which are supposed to attach on the vehicle for cleaning . We are also going to provide a scrubber for removing stains from floor. This vehicle will be able to carry load of 200 kg including self weight and operator's weight. The max speed for this vehicle will be 25 to 30 kmph. 

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Solar operated floor cleaning machine

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