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In order to maintain a good recognition at college, the management does every possible aspect in maintaining the qualities of the lecturer’s. As this is the online-era, where everything is online we need to develop a system in online which is very useful to maintain feedback reports by the administrator.The purpose of this project is to make the process of taking feedback from the students in online regarding the lecturer’s teaching. With this, the institutes can access the feedback reports in a faster way and without any loss of data. As of now this task was done manually with the use of papers and pens. This has many drawbacks and evaluating this hand written forms is a difficult process. Student needs to logging into the website of online feedback system and giving his/her feedback and can perform modifications too. But the restriction here is once the student submits the report then he cannot modify it later. With this the student can successfully submit feedback on lecturer’s teaching in a very efficient manner without any loss of data. The administrator and the faculty members can access these feedback from the students and take appropriate actions.

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