Project Description:

Electricity is one of the importanat factor in ovreall development of the country.Overall power system can be classified into three modes that are Generation,Transmission & Distribution of electric power. Distribution sector provides the  electric energy to the end consumer.Load on rural distribution system is predominantly agriclture 20% to 22% energy consumed by agriculture sector in India.There are various problem takes place in distribution system like voltage fluctuation improper voltage at the consumer premises, poor power factor high power loss etc. There are various methods to reduce this problems. In this project capacitor bank installation at agricultural pumps is proposed. Technical analysis before and after capacitor installation is carried out.

Thought Process:

To improve voltage profile of the system and efficiency by improving the power factor method to install the capacitor bank is implemented. Survey of 7 DTC'S is done on which 60 consumers considered. Pre installed readings on agricultural pumps were taken. Here Voltage, power factor, active power reactive power, and current readings are taken. Data taken and analysis of all individual consumers and DTCs  is done. Analysis of other parameters like  active reactive and apparent power and power factor before and after installation is done.
This method was implemented as it was not more costly and was easy to install. Creating awarness among farmers regarding the capacitors is also social aspect of the project.
Overall system is simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK enviornment. Simulation results and field results are analysed. 

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