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In today’s digitizedworld everywhere there is the field of Research and Development to make andimprove the things faster, better and usable. For each and every smaller andbigger problem everybody is finding out different kinds of smart solutions. R& D is now the common and adaptable field for all the industries and theinstitutions to work on the problems and challenges the world is facing now aday.In this scenario eachand everybody is on the way to find out a platform where they can easily settheir problem in front of the world and the enthusiasts can solve such problemswith their high end solutions to those problems. But, for this kind offunctionality there is biggest gap between the problems setters and problemsolver.The idea behind theproject of R & D Application is to bridge the gap between the industrieswho are going to find out the solutions for the real world problems and theinstitutes who are going to work on those problems and give the better andfeasible solutions. This is a web application to provide the better platform toboth the entities viz. Industries and Institutes.This project describesthe elements of an approach for industry to post R & D requirements byindustries and the well defined solutions by the institutes who worked on thoseproblem statements. This project is a new and advanced tools for entire R &D departments.  

Thought Process:

This web based application in which industry post R&D requirements to R&D institute. This project describes the elements of an approach for industry to post R & D requirements and get the well-defined solutions by the institutes who worked on those problem statements. This application can be used in any Institutes and industries can be easily understandable. This application has two major entities 1.Industry 2. Institute. 1) Industry is going to post their problem statements. It also gives information about the recent technologies. 2) Institute is going read the problem statement and give the better and feasible solution to industries.

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Web based application for industry to post R & D requirements to R & D institute

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