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Refer the attachment and submit the test

Start Date : Nov 14, 2017

End Date : Nov 22, 2017

Evaluation Start Date : Nov 23, 2017

Evaluation End Date : Nov 24, 2017


Should know HTML Should be available full time

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1. Follow the slides
2. Developer instructions are there in the notes section of the gaps
3. Read the instructions and develop the HTML pages

Here is the wetranfer from where you have to download the ppt file in which all instructions are given as mentioned in above points.
Below is the reference link of how the output should look like
Course Link:

To SUBMIT the test:
1. Log in to Galilia
2. If you not able to login: please send your First Name, Last Name, EMAIL ID and University Roll Number to 
3. You will get a confirmation from this ID once you are registered.
4. After that you can go ahead and submit. 

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